We have the eBook app
for the iPhone/iPad.
You can download the app for free
at the App Store in iTunes.


Click on the link to
download your free app




A version of the eBook app for the Android
is available for download at the link below. 



Note: The eBooks are not printable. They are formatted for reading only.
There is now a feature for highlighting and making notes on the Apple devices only.


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How to install the app on your iPad/iPhone?
        Go to the App Store on your iPad or iPhone. Search for “Bogard
        Press eBooks.” Choose the app. It’s free. Tap on “Install.”
        It will automatically download to your device.

How are the books priced?
        Our titles are priced by book.

During what hours is Bogard Press eBooks available in my

        Access is available 24/7

Can I access it at home or from any computer?
        Once you download the app to your device, the books can only be
        accessed from within the app on iPhone, iPad or Android Devices.

Will the app work on BlackBerry?
        Not at this time.

Will the app work on Kindle or Nook?
         The app will not be available for these platforms. In the future we are
         looking to make books available on the Kindle and Nook.

May we request a book?
         You may send a request to app@bogardpress.org for us to consider.

How often do you add new books?
         The quarterlies are available for current quarters and other books
         are added occasionally.

How long will the books be available when we purchase them?
         They should always be available and can be restored if a problem

Can I read the books without an internet connection?
         Yes, you have to download them with an internet connection but
          after you download them you do not need the internet to read the

If you have questions, please email them to app@bogardpress.org.


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